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Update available for Android 3.2 SDK

The Honeycomb 3.2 SDK component is now available for download along with the latest updated SDK tools. If you have SDK Tools installed you can update that with the compatibility package and a new release of the Android SDK.

Android 3.2 SDK

New Features with the Honeycomb 3.2 SDK and Tools:

  • Compatibility zooms for apps that are a fixed size.
  • Extended API for managing screen size.
  • Media sync from SD Card Support.

As with the updates in SDK all are expecting to see more apps for tablets and more types of tablet as well. Full details are available over the Android Developer site and one can download the updates from within the SDK.

Developers will move forward with the upgrade in Honeycomb development and we will be having great apps ever after.

Source: android developer

Foursquare for Android updated with new UI and features

Foursquare has attracted tons of people as it’s the latest craze in social networking. Dennis Crowley, Foursquare founder has announced the launch of Foursquare the updated version of the popular application. The new Foursquare app is now available in the Android Market with new features and UI.


Foursquare new update is now easy to use for the users. User can easily tell friends where you are, get their comments and share pictures. The UI is much easier and new features make this app look special. It includes the explore tab that gives more opportunity to users to explore what they are looking for like search for great local deals which includes daily deals from Groupon and LivingSocial.

In short, Foursquare is all in one app now available in the Android Market for download. New redesigns and flexible UI makes this app more interesting and easy to move on with.

Samsung Nexus / Droid prime passes through bluetooth SIG


Samsung device with model number SCH-i515 has found its way through Bluetooth SIG and rumored that the same model number is to be the Droid/Nexus Prime. According to the latest updates from BGR Nexus is not going to be the first Ice Cream Sandwich device as was expected by everyone.

From the direct source of BGR, the Samsung Droid Prime will launch as a Big Red Exclusive and is going to be the first Ice Cream Sandwich device. The ICS devices will not the GT-i9250 but its goanna be the SCH-i515. If this is true then Droid Prime is going to make its way through Bluetooth SIG.

In the posting, we can see that the phone runs on CDMA network, so we can assume that the device will on Verizon and especially with the “SCH” in the model number which seems to be the three letter combo reserved for Samsung devices on our favorite red carrier.

It’s still a suspense if coming or not as a DROID or a Nexus device. As everyone is expecting to be “DROID” but soon it will be disclosed. Stay connected with us for getting latest updates and information.

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The New Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 – First Image

From the exclusively leaked information, Samsung is planning to release new tablet called Galaxy Tab 7.7 at IFA next week. Here is the first image of the new Galaxy Tab 7.7, a smaller sized Tablet that looks very much similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.


The device is redesigned by Samsung but though it has the same navigation keys that appear on the old version and also uses a 30-pin connector to charge just like the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

How it differ from the old version? The most important difference is that, the Samsung Galaxy 7.7 is having the charging port on the side/smaller panel while the 10.1 carries at the bottom. Along with this the screen size is also smaller than earlier version.

As per the latest updates it has been predicted that Samsung is making the 7inch Super AMOLED Plus, that will add new look and style to the new tablet.

The secret is soon going to be revealed next week with the release of the new Tablet in the market.



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Sony Android Tablet S1 and S2 – Sony Tablet S and Tablet P

Sony has come up with new updated tablets in the market. Do you remember that smart looking clamshell tablet which Sony was calling the S2? Now, it’s expected to be launched as the Sony Tablet P next month with few more modifications.


Sony’s first tablet codename S1 is featured with a 9.4 inch screen having conventional looks & style that will be named as Sony Tablet S. Looking on the other hand, Tablet P will carry dual 5.5 inch clamshell design which will help developers come up with innovative applications. Its light weight of 370 grams with 512 Mb RAM and 4 GB of storage capacity while Tablet S weighs in 600 grams with 1 GB of RAM.

Tablet P will be integrated with 2GB SD card and 4G/WiFi connectivity while on the other hand Tablet S will be available in two versions16GB or 32GB, but both are going to share the same Processor NVIDIA Tegra 2.

It’s expected that Sony will launched both the tablets in the next month around the world.

Samsung is busy building next Nexus phone

It is now confirmed that Samsung is building the next Nexus phone which will be using the latest Android version Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung confirmed this thing in a letter from its legal team.


Geek.com obtained a letter, which is written to prevent anybody from leaking firmware of the phone. Though as rumored, in the letter, it is not written anywhere the device name as “Nexus Prime”.

Nexus Prime is likely to be launched in October. Nexus Prime will be the first ever Android phone to run Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Android Ice Cream Sandwich is the new android version which is being designed by Google to work on both Smart Phones and Tablets. The latest rumor about the phone is, it will be come out on the Verizon network.

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To be big in America too – Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

Samsung has released a teaser video for all the desperately waiting Galaxy S2 fans in US. There is no other view that Samsung galaxy s2 i9100 is the best selling android smart phone across Europe and Asia. Though there were talks of SGS2 not being released in US. But finally following video will excite you if you are fan of this phone and waiting eagerly sitting in US.


Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 is one of the best smart phone ever with the features like 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 4.3” super AMOLED plus screen, 8.0 mp camera with flash, 1.2 mp front camera and many more. This is probably the lightest and thinnest android phone available right now.


As we mentioned in our previous post about the release of Samsung galaxy s2 i9100 in US, Samsung is all set to release this phone on 29th August 2011 in New York City.

How to automatically reject a call on Android phone

Android phone comes with an inbuilt functionality of auto rejecting a call without even ringing your phone! It is so simple and comes with wide range of match criteria for incoming phone call. Now it is the answer for how to set your android phone on auto call reject mode.

How to do it? Just go to Settings –> Call –> Call rejection. Once you are at this step, first you can define auto reject mode. You can set it to off, All numbers or Only black list. I am not sure why one wants to block all numbers but still it might be helpful if you are in some important meeting or just want to take rest without any disturbance.


The next option is Black list, which allows you to manage numbers in the black list with the option of match criteria to block certain pattern of phone numbers. There are 4 types of match criteria using which you can black list any kind of number you want.


This is really helpful to get rid of some annoying marketing calls. Also you can block all calls from some country or states as well!

Xiaomi Phone 1.5GHz Dual Core Android Phone


Android platform is currently famous all over the world. Latest news from the market, one Chinese company Xiaomi Corp announced to release smart phone to compete with the world’s largest cell phone market iPhone. Asia will be the first to get this benefit. The cost is fixed around $316(US) without any contract and also can be useful on GSM carries in North America as its lock free phone.

The phone is a complete package of Xiaomi’s own applications and its being powered by Google Inc’s Android based operating system. According to the updates till now, it is the fastest Smartphone in the current market compared with Apple’s 1 GHz iPhone 4. The Xiaomi Phone carries stunning features which includes the dual core 1.5 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB of ROM and Andreno 220 graphics processor.

The screen display is a Sharp-made 4 inch LCD of 480 x 854 pixels and has an 8MP main camera with an F2.4 lens. The OS is based on Android 2.3.5 and covered deeply with MIUI. Currently Xiaomi’s online forum has more than 500,000 members and about 40 percent of them are overseas. However, analysts are not very optimistic about the Xiaomi Phone.

The online reservations will be starting from August 29th and is expected to be shipped in October. It sounds really interesting and unbelievable but it’s true! Get ready for it!

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Updated Google Reader For Android Now Supports Honeycomb


Hey, there is good news for Android owners as from the latest updates Google Reader of Android will now brings support to Honeycomb. Google Reader app from Android has a great user interface and useful to end users who goes online.

Google decided to release a native Android app for Google Reader that can support multiple accounts, helps you synchronizing your subscriptions and works flexibly. Google Reader has updated with some advanced features and improved layouts & techniques of marking items as read, which require a simple click on particular post.

Honeycomb is among one of the familiar layouts as it displays similar to desktop. It’s a new and polished update having small screen UI. The app is distinct compare to other RSS readers in the current market, as Honeycomb interface was in demand since a long time back.

All in all, very innovative app having real time user interface and saves tons of time while reading over numerous sites.

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