Buckle up and race: Drag Racing Android game

Looking at the popularity gained in recent past, android users starve for more and more apps and games in the android market. Also android market is now equipped with lots and lots of apps and games. Drag Racing is one of the highest downloaded games on android market and we’ll take a look into this game.


If you own an Android phone then you must go for Drag Racing. It’s one of the best game among all, full of fun and entertainment. If you start playing Drag racing you won’t be able to stay away from it, as it’s an addictive game. It has wide range of cars to drive starting from Integra to Veyron SS with high quality graphics and realistic controls. Drag racing is an online game and getting updated features on regular basis.

You will be passionate to drive cars once you go with Drag Racing. There are numerous things which you need to take care before going up for Drag Racing. Firstly, check out the blue/green lights on dashboard for shifting gears at the perfect time. Once you are flexible with driving then fully concentrate fully on winning the game. Time is a must factor in all, so need to take care of it. Secondly, have a test drive before buying the new car. Try to keep the cost of your car less to get more benefit. Online racing with other opponent will allow you to earn more cash.

If you face problem regarding speed then simply go to task manager and close all unnecessary background tasks. Drag Racing will drive you crazy and take you to a wonderful world of cars. It’s a challenging game, so go for it and push the paddle hard.

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Share bills among friends using Advanced Bill Splitter Android application

This seems to be the most handy tool while going out with friends or sharing apartment with friends. It happens that while sharing apartment, groceries, restaurant bills etc. every time you need to seat with the list of bills and calculator to make proper split and if the no. of persons are more the task becomes really time consuming.

advanced_bill_splitter_1 advanced_bill_splitter_2 advanced_bill_splitter_3

Advanced Bill Splitter can solve all your problems regarding sharing. Its is really nice application with more flexibility of adding no. of people and adding the items, taxes. Once added all the needed options, it will auto calculate the share per person with generating in depth receipt, so no one get confused. It also give facility of item based sharing which means you can do more precise splitting.

You can download Advanced Bill Splitter from Android market

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Create your own ringtone using Ringdroid for Android


Android platform provides number of applications that are helpful in numerous ways. Have you ever think of an editor which can be helpful in creating your own tunes? Now its possible with your Android device, Ringdroid is a free Android app that will enable you to create your own ringtones.


With this app you can easily manipulate any of your existing songs on your Android phone and make shorter clips. It’s an open-source ringtone editor from Android that allows user to create their own ringtones, alarm or notification sound from an existing audio file or create new record file. Ringdroid is flexible by nature and provides good user interface.

Android user’s simply needs to set the starting and ending notes of their ringtone by sliding arrows over the timeline screens and tapping Start and End to record the clip. You can simply allocate the ringtone directly to the contact person as there will be an option for doing it. This application is specially designed for passionate music lovers. So what are you waiting for just go for it and feel the musical world.

You can download Ringdroid from Android Market.

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Most popular and addictive android games

Gaming on Android devices has improved a lot and people are getting addicted to it day by day. Now there is no way one can argue about the betterment of iPhone against Android due to gaming. Android games are now more quality and hence everyday we are getting some high quality games release in the android market. There are hundreds of games in the market for android but still there are few games leading the chart. Here we are reviewing some of the top games in Android market.

1. Angry Birds


Undoubtedly world’s most favorite game on any platform, Angry Birds, has also emerged as the most popular and addictive game on android devices. It has got highest number of downloads in android market. Also its seasonal updates and addition of more and more stages frequently, ads more spice to Angry Birds.

Angry birds is a challenging game where you require tricks,logic and smartness. You basically need to use super powered birds to destroy the greedy pigs, who stole their eggs and try to eat them. Try to face the pigs who are hidden into their holes, collect the gems and save the eggs. The entire game is full of fun and entertainment.

2. Paradise Island


Paradise Island is one of the stunning game and you will love to play again and again. It will reward you with pleasure of leading an entire empire. Its full of brightness and craziness.

Paradise Island is a strategy based game. You will be on a mysterious land and have to cross different levels to know the secrets that are hided in the island. The game include various tasks such as setting up building, repair them and earn profit, built casino, hotels, discos and much more for tourists. Take your business empire at the peak and manage it with smartness.

3. Pac-Man


Pac-Man is one of the worlds famous arcade game. It is an addictive game with new graphics. It require full concentration and patience. You need to score high to get faster speed. The demo version is available in the market for free. This game was very much popular since it was available in TV based video game version.

You will enjoy playing it. Its very simple to play just chomp the dots and avoid the pesky ghost which comes in between the way.

4. Pinball


Pinball most popular and highly demanded in current market. All of us are much familiar with this game as it has amazing sound effects and fast 3D graphics. It give you a realistic feeling and is now available for free from Android.

There are verities of pinball games available in the current android market such as Pinball deluxe, Pinball Ride, Pinball Xmass Edition and much more. You can control the flips with the buttons. The touch screen controls the flips as it’s by default. There are multi-touch devices available in the market so you can simply control the flips by moving to right and left corners.

5. Slice It


Its an awesome game to play and also rewarded with Silver Award. Truly a puzzle game based on mind power. Addictive game with lots of fun and geometric flair. Many twist are there to reach the final destination. If you are looking for a new type of puzzle game then Slice It is the best option.

"Slice It" is all about slicing shapes into pieces that should be off equal size. Your brain will be warm up with this game. Currently it has 200 stages added to it and in each level you will be given a new shape to finish off. You will be getting a chance to hit but only if you get rewarded with perfect score. If you are not then you may lose a chance to hit. As you pass through different levels the difficulty level increases. It may sound simple but genius people may also get stuck at some levels.

6. Mouse Trap


Mouse Trap is a very simple and interesting puzzle game for all the people who loves to boost up their mind. In this game the mouse is trapped and you simply need to find the way for him. It can be done by sliding the blocks out of the mouse way. you will be earning coins by unlocking the bonuses during the entire phase of the game.

This game has more than 1200 levels and to finish it up you require logic and patience. It gives pleasure while playing it and you will be curious to get into the next level.

7. Tank Hero


If you are a fan of 3D world then this game is just made for you. You will be enjoying each and every level of the game as it will be having great fun. It’s a action game loved by millions of people world wide.

There are two modes of playing the game. One is campaign and the other is survival mode. There will be lots of enemies coming up in your way and to defeat them you can use 5 types of weapons. You will be the tank hero once you defeat all of them.

8. Jewels


Once you play this game you will not able to stop yourself playing it again and again. Its an innovative game with lots of entertainment. The graphic used in this game are so simple and eye catching that no one can stay away from this game.

Its very flexible and has four different modes: Normal,Timed,Quick and Infinite. It will drive you crazy and would love to play frequently.

9. World War


World War is a game designed to play from anywhere in the world. Its basically a multiplayer game played world wide. Its a fantasy game where you start out with the soldier and completes the missions assigned to you.

It goes with a story of 2012 nuclear war and further moves on to how 5 countries have emerged as the major superpower in the war. More than 2.8 million people are enjoying playing online. You could be one of them as its an online game and played from anywhere.

There are many other games which are addictive. Also popularity of the games very category wise as there are various types of games available on the market.

Quick Tip: How to remove / demolish road in paradise island


This might sound silly but its true, there are many players of paradise island, who actually dont know how to remove a road block which is either built wrongly or you just need to re structure it.


Here is the way. Just tap on demolition button and select the road block. The selected road block will become gray. Once you select appropriate road block, you will see right sign to turn green. Thats it. Tap the green sign and the road block will be removed.

Launch android app in any language using Localized Apps

Yes you read it right. It is possible to run each app in separate language while keeping your android phone language as it is. In the market there is an app called "Localized Apps" using which one can achieve this. It creates shortcuts which allows user to specify which language and country code the application should use each time.


The only drawback of this thing is, it increase the launching time of the main app as it first applies localization to that app and than it starts the app. Of course this process will slowdown the launching only but its fine if we are really in need of some localized app.


Just think of using Google maps in Italian and while the default language of your Android device is set to English. For such type of customization Localized Apps is a quicker solution. On your home screen you will be allowed to place multiple shortcuts for different types of Apps, each set up with different language.


The application supports ISO639 languages such as English(en),French(fr),Spanish(sp) etc. and also for ISO3166 countries like United States(us),Britain(br),France(fr) etc.

When the application is loaded it displays with a Create Shortcut button along with the detailed description. If the user wants that the browser to be launched in French than the user must input ‘fr’ in the shortcut language field and ‘FR’ in the shortcut country field. Localized Apps from Android is available for free and anyone can download it from the Android Market.

Download Localized Apps from Android Market

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Android App Review: How To Draw Cartoons

Have you ever thought of learning how to draw cartoons from Android device? It sounds interesting and yes it is possible to learn using Android. "How To Draw Cartoons" an Android app by Mobilicos, will help you in learning to draw cartoons. There are so many cartoon characters available in this app ranging from Minnie Mouse to Bart Simpson. It also provides many general cartoon characters like rabbit,dog,cow etc. with other 40 characters to choose from.


Its very simple to learn the process. How? you just need to select a cartoon character and start drawing it. As soon as you progress it will show you two parts like completed portion will be shown in blue while incomplete portion will be indicated as red.


Now at the bottom of the screen there are different buttons. The right button allows you to move back through the lesson, the left button allows you to go forward into the lesson and the middle one helps you to hide the guidelines to check how  your character will look at the end.

You will be given with lots of cartoon characters options. Android App How to Draw Cartoon is free right now. Its an interesting app for the beginners who loves to paint but not have much drawing skills. Beginners can move on from easy to hard level using the step-by-step lesson.

Download How to draw cartoons from Android Market

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Android game review – SHAKY TOWER

We would be bouncing off the wall without the law of physics. Without physics the world would be meaningless its true even if we deny. Its amazing that ShakyTower is full of physics and involves endless efforts. ShakyTower is a game full of challenges and twist. It is a casual game which involves multiple puzzles and gives an opportunity to try again and again. It also allows you to explore your skills by breaking the obstacles and using interactive tricks to feel the world of ShakyTower.


ShakyTower assigns you with building an tower full of smiley without collapsing. You need to hold your phone parallel to the ground in order to reach your goals and unlock the secret boundaries. It has two different games modes. One of them is quick game and the other one is adventure. It is full of fun and entertainment as it explore the forest world, push you to the IceWorld, drive you with the sharks in the underwater world. In quick mode you will have to handle with checkpoints, destroy tower, Line pass, Balancing the tower and many more.


Eventually full of joy and flexibility involves more then hundred different levels. ShakyTower is very easy to control but incase if the screen is been pressed then all the bricks fall of from the top. You need to tilt the phone in order to control gravity and try to move the bricks either right or left.


ShakyTower has a wide range of verities as it includes effective sound, different musical themes and much more. It is full of fun and you will be self motivated and highly entertained. You will became an master mind by playing again and again as if this can help you in solving your day to day obstacles.

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Use Kies air in Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

Samsung galaxy S2 I9100 comes with an app called “Kies Air”. To transfer data from phone to PC or vice versa, Samsung has its own software named Kies which is being used with the support of USB cable. Samsung has gone further a step and provided “Kies Air” which allows you to transfer data wirelessly using wi-fi connection! That sounds interesting. Here is how you can use Kies Air in Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100.


Just open the Kies Air app on the mobile and tap on Start. Make sure your phone is connected to the same wi-fi connection network, using which your PC is connected. Now once you tap on start, phone will look for a network address and generate a unique web address (using IP only) and will show it on the screen.


You now need to enter that address in the browser on the PC. It will show full Kies software functionality in the browser and you can easily transfer data between devices. In this way you will never need to attach a USB cable to your phone and you can do it without using any other wires! The only thing needed is wi-fi connection. All data will be transferred using this connection only.

Turn your Android phone to Vuvuzela

Sounds funny right? It also happened to me when I was going through Android market and found an app named “Air Horn”. By the description it sound bit interesting and finally I installed it to my phone. So now here is what I found in the app.

Air Horn – It is the perfect app for your android phone if you want to cheer at the game and get attention from the people in a unique way! Also if you go a step further you can use it to annoy people or just plug in your car’s speaker system to your phone and dominate the road.


Here is the review of the app from one of the users in the market

Hooked it up to my cars competition sound system and drove down sunset blvd in Hollywood with vol on max to the cucaracha horn – LOVE IT!

This app comes with various sound including the Vuvuzela sound. As you can see in the image it has lot other sounds which you can use it at different occasion and places. Just select any of the tune you want and after that keep pressing the image and that is it.

You can download this app from android market or just read this QR code from your mobile.