Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s Entertainment system to run on Android


One more feather in the cap of Android. Boeing, one of the largest aircraft makers, has selected Android to power the entertainment system in its new 787 Dreamliner over other operating systems. Technical manager, Mark Larson, at boing’s Dreamliner gallery declared that all dreamliners which are currently in production will be fitted with Android based servers and touch screens.

The business and first class will be fitted with larger and giant screens and they will be non-touched because one can’t reach them, but it will be operate by gesture control and controlled with simple gestures.

The features include videos, music and apps that will be running on Android screens ranging from 7 to 17 inches. This seems that Android will be getting more and more publicity and prove to be winner among all other operating systems.

Still it is not declared when we will see Android inside a boeing dreamliner but soon it will be disclosed and everyone is excited about it.

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Netflix now supports all Android 2.2 Froyo and 2.3 Gingerbread devices


Netflix addiction is now available for Froyo and gingerbread users. Yes, Netflix app for Android has come a long way. It now supports Android 2.2 Froyo and 2.3 Gingerbread. The latest version of this app is available now in the Android Market for all your Froyo and Gingerbread tablets and smart phones.

In May 2011, the Netflix app for Android was available only on the Samsung Nexus S and five HTC Smartphones running Android 2.2. The device which supports the service will be able to enjoy streaming movies though it covers only a tiny percentage of all Android users.

It’s good news for Android platform that Android 2.2 and 2.3 covers over 80% of all Android users and among them mostly all are able to get it officially.

Some of the users with non-supported devices were often turning to leaked .APK files to try and get the Netflix service running to their devices. From now the users can directly go over the Android Market to get the updated app without any hesitation.

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Squarespace Application Launched for Android Device Officially


After months of testing, fine tuning and development, the Squarespace App in officially approved and released in Android Market for Android owners. The app is for website hosting and design with enhanced and improved features as compare to other in the market.

Squarespace for Android comes with great functionality and allows you to manage your blog on-the-go. It is especially for those who lack knowledge about coding; with the help of WYSIWYG editor the setup becomes easier for them. The editor is user friendly and one who wants to fiddle with the CSS and HTML, WYSIWYG editor provides best tools to them.

Useful Features:

  • Using the Squarespace the user can directly post anything to his blog.
  • One can edit content in different modes like Text, Markdown, Textile and HTML.
  • Post Photos on the go.
  • All those sites that have Squarespace, they can be managed from one device.
  • Robust site statistics can be viewed in real time.

In short, it is a well appreciated and liked application that will reach up to its user’s expectations. You can have this app from Android market for your device absolutely free.

Download Squarespace for Android

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HTC announces the sensation XE with Beats Audio


The rumors are laid to rest, as HTC finally announced its Sensation XE handset with some updated features and enhanced audio. The Sensation XE is packed with all new black and red color schemes.

The phone will be coming with Beats headphones as a standard accessory. Apart from all this, you will find a 1.5GHz processor paired with a 1730mAh battery to handle even the longest jam sessions. The display screen is 4.3inch qHD and 768MB Ram having 8MP rear and VGA front camera also with an option of 8 or 16 GB memory card.

According to Jason Mackenzie, president of globes sales and marketing at HTC Corporation:

The audio quality is a very important factor in mobile sound experience and we are working to push the boundaries not only for speech reception, but also for music, video and games up fully. The HTC sensation XE delivers a truly incredible audio experience and is a further proof that we want to offer customers the best possible mobile experience.

All HTC had to say about it is that “The HTC sensation XE delivers a truly incredible audio experience”.

In Europe and Asia, the HTC will be available till end of this September pricing with €589.

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Firefox for Android tablets now available for download


If you have been waiting to get Firefox for your tablet, then now you will be having great time to download the new nightly build that has been released by the Mozilla team. The app is still under development but it will prove up to our expectations soon.

One of the most important questions asked by many users for Firefox is that “Does it have Flash?” Unfortunately it does not support Flash but soon it will be resolved and make you feel happier.

If you want to test for your device then simply download the app from the Android Market and feel the difference with great UI and features.

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Finally Motorola DROID BIONIC Available From Verizon Wireless


The wait is over. Motorola Droid Bionic is now available from Verizon Wireless. The phone was much awaited device for Motorola lovers and finally its available from today. You will need to spend $299.99 if you want to go with 2 year contract. Phone is also available without contract for full retail price of $599.99.

Key Features:

  • Dual-core 1GHz Processor
  • 1 GB of DDR2 Ram
  • 4.3" qHD Display
  • Verizon 4G LTE Network
  • HDMI/Mirror Mode
  • Remote Access
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS
  • 16GB internal memory


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Android on top of the US mobile market chart released by ComScore


ComScore, the marketing research company has released a report for US mobile market share. According to the latest report, Android has shown amazing performance and continues to grow. Android is growing faster than any other mobile operating system due to its incredible products as well as adoptable by many mobile device manufacturers.

Android tops comscore chart in US

Android was at 31.6% last month but this month it has increased and reached up to 41.8% among all US Smartphone’s. It means that out of 82.2 million Smartphone users in US, 34.3 million are having Android as their companion.

Iphone is still in competition with 27% of the US market share having an increase of 1% from April 2011. It’s predicted that the growth is just because of the rumors that iPhone 5 is soon to be released worldwide.

Apple is still struggling to reach the goal and achieve success in the US market share against Android OS. RIM, Microsoft and Symbian has also fall down into the US market share. Currently, RIM has 21.7% of the US share which is down from 25.7% with respect to April. Microsoft lost only 1% and handling 5.7% US market share.

Now finally Symbian is down from 2.4% to 1.9% of the market share. Android is ruling the entire US market share with incredible OS and amazing features. Just wait and watch how it moves forward in the near future.

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Update available for Android 3.2 SDK

The Honeycomb 3.2 SDK component is now available for download along with the latest updated SDK tools. If you have SDK Tools installed you can update that with the compatibility package and a new release of the Android SDK.

Android 3.2 SDK

New Features with the Honeycomb 3.2 SDK and Tools:

  • Compatibility zooms for apps that are a fixed size.
  • Extended API for managing screen size.
  • Media sync from SD Card Support.

As with the updates in SDK all are expecting to see more apps for tablets and more types of tablet as well. Full details are available over the Android Developer site and one can download the updates from within the SDK.

Developers will move forward with the upgrade in Honeycomb development and we will be having great apps ever after.

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Foursquare for Android updated with new UI and features

Foursquare has attracted tons of people as it’s the latest craze in social networking. Dennis Crowley, Foursquare founder has announced the launch of Foursquare the updated version of the popular application. The new Foursquare app is now available in the Android Market with new features and UI.


Foursquare new update is now easy to use for the users. User can easily tell friends where you are, get their comments and share pictures. The UI is much easier and new features make this app look special. It includes the explore tab that gives more opportunity to users to explore what they are looking for like search for great local deals which includes daily deals from Groupon and LivingSocial.

In short, Foursquare is all in one app now available in the Android Market for download. New redesigns and flexible UI makes this app more interesting and easy to move on with.

Samsung Nexus / Droid prime passes through bluetooth SIG


Samsung device with model number SCH-i515 has found its way through Bluetooth SIG and rumored that the same model number is to be the Droid/Nexus Prime. According to the latest updates from BGR Nexus is not going to be the first Ice Cream Sandwich device as was expected by everyone.

From the direct source of BGR, the Samsung Droid Prime will launch as a Big Red Exclusive and is going to be the first Ice Cream Sandwich device. The ICS devices will not the GT-i9250 but its goanna be the SCH-i515. If this is true then Droid Prime is going to make its way through Bluetooth SIG.

In the posting, we can see that the phone runs on CDMA network, so we can assume that the device will on Verizon and especially with the “SCH” in the model number which seems to be the three letter combo reserved for Samsung devices on our favorite red carrier.

It’s still a suspense if coming or not as a DROID or a Nexus device. As everyone is expecting to be “DROID” but soon it will be disclosed. Stay connected with us for getting latest updates and information.

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