How to automatically reject a call on Android phone

Android phone comes with an inbuilt functionality of auto rejecting a call without even ringing your phone! It is so simple and comes with wide range of match criteria for incoming phone call. Now it is the answer for how to set your android phone on auto call reject mode.

How to do it? Just go to Settings –> Call –> Call rejection. Once you are at this step, first you can define auto reject mode. You can set it to off, All numbers or Only black list. I am not sure why one wants to block all numbers but still it might be helpful if you are in some important meeting or just want to take rest without any disturbance.


The next option is Black list, which allows you to manage numbers in the black list with the option of match criteria to block certain pattern of phone numbers. There are 4 types of match criteria using which you can black list any kind of number you want.


This is really helpful to get rid of some annoying marketing calls. Also you can block all calls from some country or states as well!

Prank anyone who tries to mess with your android phone

Do you have fear that your phone is been messed in your absence? If yes, then here is a solution to your problem. Android market has one excellent app named Jolt: Prank & Alarm app which can help you out.


Now your mobile will automatically deal with the person who tries to move your mobile device without your permission. With this application you will get alarmed if somebody messes with your device. Jolt app uses accelerometer to detect the movement of your phone. It is also giving various alarm options like scream, siren and many other. Now when a person start messing with it, the selected alarm goes loud instantly or after a small delay as per the settings.

In the words of the developer:

Jolt is a small and simple ad-supported application that can be used either for making practical jokes to your friends or getting you alarmed when somebody messes with your phone.


  • Varieties of option available for choosing a sound like scream, siren, funny and many more.
  • Select the delay between movement and sound.
  • Try to adjust the motion detector’s sensitivity.

This Application is very simple and full of fun. If you think your friends deserve it then go for it. It will give you pleasure and your friends will learn a lesson that not to mess with anybody’s phone especially yours ;)

You can download Jolt from Android Market

or you can use this QR code


Share bills among friends using Advanced Bill Splitter Android application

This seems to be the most handy tool while going out with friends or sharing apartment with friends. It happens that while sharing apartment, groceries, restaurant bills etc. every time you need to seat with the list of bills and calculator to make proper split and if the no. of persons are more the task becomes really time consuming.

advanced_bill_splitter_1 advanced_bill_splitter_2 advanced_bill_splitter_3

Advanced Bill Splitter can solve all your problems regarding sharing. Its is really nice application with more flexibility of adding no. of people and adding the items, taxes. Once added all the needed options, it will auto calculate the share per person with generating in depth receipt, so no one get confused. It also give facility of item based sharing which means you can do more precise splitting.

You can download Advanced Bill Splitter from Android market

or use this QR code.


That secret code for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

By looking at various forums online, I have found one secret code for samsung galaxy s2 i9100. This code is properly working on other samsung devices as well but the images displayed in this post are the images from the test result from Samsung Galaxy S2I9100. The code is *#0*#. Entering this code via your dial pad, you will see the following screen.


Here you will see the heading as LCS test but you can test all the listed things. You can test LCD screen, vibrations, both cameras, sensor, touch screen and speakers. This is very handy to check all the hardware of your phone working fine or having any issue.

Tip: While testing touch, make sure you make all the blocks green or you wont be able to use back button.

Update: Though this was tested only on Samsung Galaxy S2, one of the friends in Android Users Group confirm that it is working on Optimus 2X and Xperia

Create your own ringtone using Ringdroid for Android


Android platform provides number of applications that are helpful in numerous ways. Have you ever think of an editor which can be helpful in creating your own tunes? Now its possible with your Android device, Ringdroid is a free Android app that will enable you to create your own ringtones.


With this app you can easily manipulate any of your existing songs on your Android phone and make shorter clips. It’s an open-source ringtone editor from Android that allows user to create their own ringtones, alarm or notification sound from an existing audio file or create new record file. Ringdroid is flexible by nature and provides good user interface.

Android user’s simply needs to set the starting and ending notes of their ringtone by sliding arrows over the timeline screens and tapping Start and End to record the clip. You can simply allocate the ringtone directly to the contact person as there will be an option for doing it. This application is specially designed for passionate music lovers. So what are you waiting for just go for it and feel the musical world.

You can download Ringdroid from Android Market.

or you can use this QR code.


Quick Tip: How to remove / demolish road in paradise island


This might sound silly but its true, there are many players of paradise island, who actually dont know how to remove a road block which is either built wrongly or you just need to re structure it.


Here is the way. Just tap on demolition button and select the road block. The selected road block will become gray. Once you select appropriate road block, you will see right sign to turn green. Thats it. Tap the green sign and the road block will be removed.

Use Kies air in Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

Samsung galaxy S2 I9100 comes with an app called “Kies Air”. To transfer data from phone to PC or vice versa, Samsung has its own software named Kies which is being used with the support of USB cable. Samsung has gone further a step and provided “Kies Air” which allows you to transfer data wirelessly using wi-fi connection! That sounds interesting. Here is how you can use Kies Air in Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100.


Just open the Kies Air app on the mobile and tap on Start. Make sure your phone is connected to the same wi-fi connection network, using which your PC is connected. Now once you tap on start, phone will look for a network address and generate a unique web address (using IP only) and will show it on the screen.


You now need to enter that address in the browser on the PC. It will show full Kies software functionality in the browser and you can easily transfer data between devices. In this way you will never need to attach a USB cable to your phone and you can do it without using any other wires! The only thing needed is wi-fi connection. All data will be transferred using this connection only.

Turn your Android phone to Vuvuzela

Sounds funny right? It also happened to me when I was going through Android market and found an app named “Air Horn”. By the description it sound bit interesting and finally I installed it to my phone. So now here is what I found in the app.

Air Horn – It is the perfect app for your android phone if you want to cheer at the game and get attention from the people in a unique way! Also if you go a step further you can use it to annoy people or just plug in your car’s speaker system to your phone and dominate the road.


Here is the review of the app from one of the users in the market

Hooked it up to my cars competition sound system and drove down sunset blvd in Hollywood with vol on max to the cucaracha horn – LOVE IT!

This app comes with various sound including the Vuvuzela sound. As you can see in the image it has lot other sounds which you can use it at different occasion and places. Just select any of the tune you want and after that keep pressing the image and that is it.

You can download this app from android market or just read this QR code from your mobile.


Fake Call Me can save you from boring situation

Yeah, it happens many time that you want to rescue yourself from some odd or boring situation like boring conversation, boring meeting where you do not need to present. Also many time you want to escape from a situation were you just want to cut the conversation from other person or say your wife as well. :D

Here is an app named Fake Call Me, which can rescue you from any of these kinds of situations. You just need to do some settings and that is it, It will save you and let you get away from the boring conversation!


There are some awesome customization and variations you can use to make this call look more and more realistic. You can enter the caller name to show when fake call is activated. Also number to display can also be customized. Further you can customize the timing when the call should be activated to look it more real. Just do the settings and tap on Call Me button and you are set to receive a fake call to get out of the boring conversation!

Download Fake Call Me

Blacklist a phone number

Many time it happens that you want to block a phone number of a person you do not like to talk to. You can easily do it on your Android phone by just doing some settings. Here are the simple steps to follow and you can block any number as well as “Unknown” number.

Go to Settings –> Call –> Call Rejection –> Black List


If you want to block “Unknown” numbers just check it. By tapping on Add, you will be either able to enter number manually or you can choose it from Contacts or Call Log.

2 3

You can even manage Match criteria for particular number pattern. There are four options you can choose from.

Tip: You can get rid of annoying marketing calls by just adding them from call log to blacklist!