Take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

Samsung-Galaxy-S2Screen capture on Android phone is always a tricky thing and if your phone is not rooted, you cannot do it without connecting your phone to PC. Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 has come up with an easy solution for screen capture. You can long press Power button and Home button together and release it together will capture current screen. You will see a message “Screen captured. Saved as image file”. Captured image will be seen in gallery in ScreenCapture folder.

Create new photo album

While playing with my Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100, a need arise to create separate photo albums for bunch of photos in picture gallery. After checking all the options to create it from the gallery, it is found that creating photo album from gallery is not possible! Thinking little further and found the solution in one of my previous posts Enable USB storage on Android. But that is connected way where I need to connect my phone via USB to PC and than move on managing the album in DCIM folder. I wanted to create photo album on Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 from phone itself. Finally found a way and it worked perfectly. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Go to Application –> My Files –> DCIM –> Camera folder
  2. Go to Menu and tap on Create Folder
  3. Give appropriate name to the folder which is considered as a new photo album
  4. That is it, your new album is created


After creating new photo album now its turn to move some photos in that album. Here are the steps to move photos to that folder.

  1. In Application –> My Files –> DCIM –> Camera folder, long press the photo you want to move to other folder
  2. It will show a menu, select Move option from menu
  3. From the list of folders, select appropriate folder and tap on move here

2 3

See its so simple to create new photo albums and moving photos to that album in Android and you don’t even need any kind of file manager to do this!

How to remove twitter account from tweetdeck for Android

Removing twitter account from tweetdeck android application is not possible from application itself. But there is a work around using which you can delete any account from tweetdeck. The only drawback is that you need to lose all accounts configured in tweetdeck and once again add them. Here is one work out you can do using your android device.


Go to Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications

Step 1: Make sure Download tab is selected and scroll down to Tweetdeck application and tap on it

2Step 2: Tap on Clear data and it will give you warning. Click ok and all the accounts will be cleared from Tweetdeck android app.

3Using this way will remove all data from your tweetdeck but its always better than removing app and installing once again.


How to uninstall apps from Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100

Its human nature to start playing with the new device as soon as we get it. Similarly as soon as I got my new Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100, I started playing with it. Within a week the phone was flooded with lots of apps which are once tested and never used after that. After a week I started thinking of removing them and find out an easy way to uninstall any app in Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100. Here are the steps

Go to Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications (Follow first 2 steps from this link)

Step 1: If not selected by default, select Download Tab


Step 2: Select the application to be uninstalled

uninstall_android_app_2Step 3: Tap on Uninstall and in following warning screen tap on ok


Following these steps will remove selected application from your Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100. You can almost remove any app from your Samsung I9100 without any problem.

Clear all contacts from Android phone

It happens when you are new to using android phone and some times when syncing data with your mail address, all the contacts are synced with phone which you do not want at all. At that time you want to remove all the contacts from your phone book but do not find any way in phone book to do it. Here are the steps using which you can clear all contacts from Android phone.

Step 1: Go to Settings –> Applications


Step 2: Click on Manage Applications


Step 3: In the applications select All tab and scroll down to contacts and tap on it


Step 4: Tap on Clear data button and press Ok when warning shows

4 5

Using these steps you can clear all contact data and your phone book will be empty.

Connect Android phone to a WiFi network

Now a days almost every place is providing wifi connection and you can enjoy the connectivity for free at some places. It does not matter you are at home or workplace or cafe or anywhere else, you will sure get wifi signal to connect to. But the thing is how do I connect to a wifi network from Android phone? Setting up and connecting to a wifi network is really easy and can be done in just 2 minutes!

wifi_android_1 Steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on Wireless and network
  3. Go to Wi-Fi settings
  4. If not, check the Wi-Fi checkbox
  5. It will start scanning the wi-fi networks in the range
  6. After getting list of networks, select any of them to connect to
  7. If it shows lock beside the signal, you will need to enter password at the time of connection
  8. Click connect and you will be connected
  9. Logo of Data network (3G) will be replaced by wi-fi signal

There is also an easy way to do it. Drag the top bar of you phone and tap of Wi-Fi. It will show you the list of networks and you can connect to any one of it following from step-6 from above steps.


Make sure you enable it as and when needed, or keeping it alive full day without any need of it will surely drain your battery.

Enable USB storage on Android

Android has a very nice feature that you can use a phone as USB storage. Following some simple steps can make the phone act as a USB storage and you can simply copy and paste content between phone and PC. These steps are followed in Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) for screen capture.

Step – 1: Go to Settings

Step – 2: Select Wireless and Network

1Step – 3: Select USB utilities

2Step – 4: Click on Connect storage to PC. It will ask you to attach USB cable to phone.


Step – 5: Click on Connect USB storage. This will connect your phone to PC as a USB storage and you can move any data between them.



  1. To copy pictures go to DCIM –> Camera folder
  2. To copy songs albums go to Media –> Audio folder
  3. To get all screen captures go to ScreenCapture folder (Samsung galaxy S2)

Hire more workers in Paradise Island

Paradise Island is a sensational game in the android market which has more than 300,000 downloads and people are going crazy about it. If you are crazy about the business related to sun and sand, this is the game for you.


In this game you need to develop an old island and make it a paradise for the tourists. To do this you will need to earn enough money using which you can construct more and more structure and attract people and make them spend more money. For construction of more places you need to add more workers to Paradise Island.


Hiring more employees to Paradise Island is an easy task. To do this, tap on Administrative building and you will see following screen. Further taping on Improvement will hire more workers for Paradise Island.


This way as and when needed you just need to improve the Administrative building and it will automatically keep adding more and more workers in Paradise Island.