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While playing with my Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100, a need arise to create separate photo albums for bunch of photos in picture gallery. After checking all the options to create it from the gallery, it is found that creating photo album from gallery is not possible! Thinking little further and found the solution in one of my previous posts Enable USB storage on Android. But that is connected way where I need to connect my phone via USB to PC and than move on managing the album in DCIM folder. I wanted to create photo album on Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 from phone itself. Finally found a way and it worked perfectly. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Go to Application –> My Files –> DCIM –> Camera folder
  2. Go to Menu and tap on Create Folder
  3. Give appropriate name to the folder which is considered as a new photo album
  4. That is it, your new album is created


After creating new photo album now its turn to move some photos in that album. Here are the steps to move photos to that folder.

  1. In Application –> My Files –> DCIM –> Camera folder, long press the photo you want to move to other folder
  2. It will show a menu, select Move option from menu
  3. From the list of folders, select appropriate folder and tap on move here

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See its so simple to create new photo albums and moving photos to that album in Android and you don’t even need any kind of file manager to do this!

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  1. u saved me a big time!! thanks a lot. this phone is really hard to figure out at some aspect, took me 3 days to find where the actual 1-9 numbers are to dial a phone number !!!!

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