Fake Call Me can save you from boring situation

Yeah, it happens many time that you want to rescue yourself from some odd or boring situation like boring conversation, boring meeting where you do not need to present. Also many time you want to escape from a situation were you just want to cut the conversation from other person or say your wife as well. :D

Here is an app named Fake Call Me, which can rescue you from any of these kinds of situations. You just need to do some settings and that is it, It will save you and let you get away from the boring conversation!


There are some awesome customization and variations you can use to make this call look more and more realistic. You can enter the caller name to show when fake call is activated. Also number to display can also be customized. Further you can customize the timing when the call should be activated to look it more real. Just do the settings and tap on Call Me button and you are set to receive a fake call to get out of the boring conversation!

Download Fake Call Me

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