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Getting a tune or song in mind and not finding the details of it like, who is the singer or which album is it from, is the most annoying thing. Though there are many online music identifier available, but if you are on the move with Android phone, here are two awesome music identifier apps for android.


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Shazam is the most downloaded free music identifier app on the android market. It is available in both free and paid version. Just start Shazam and point your phone in front of speaker while song is playing for which you want full details, let Shazam compare it and bring the details for you. As per my test and for various songs, its showing approximately 60% to 70% accurate result. It is easy to use and useful to the people who just want to know the basic details and after tagging just want to move on. It is also available in paid version where you can do unlimited tagging for various songs and other features as well.

Download Shazam


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Soundhound is another free music identifier app for Android. Soundhound allows song identification directly from speaker or by singing or humming. It is also available in paid version where you get more features compared to free version mainly in tagging. As per my test it is almost perfect for all the search and better than Shazam. The free version of Soundhound comes with ads and need to upgrade to paid version to get rid of ads. In soundhound even in free version you can get unlimited IDs.

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