Now play games on your Android device With PS3 Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 controller

Are you getting bored by playing games with the onscreen controls? If you agree with this fact then here is a solution to your problem. Only Xperia Play owners were rewarded with the facility of avoiding onscreen controllers but now Android device holders can also enjoy the privilege.


Sixaxis controller app is launched in android market which allows you to connect your PS3 Sixaxis or DualShock3 controller to your android device and helps you playing games like they were meant to be played. The app Sixaxis Controller allows you synchronize your PS3 controllers to your Android device through Bluetooth. This app can only be used where devices are supported as it also requires a rooted phone to work.

To check whether your device is supported with the app there is an instant compatibility checker available in the market called Sixaxis Compatibility Checker. You can download it from Android market for free and a complete package will cost you for just $1.65.

At a glance 4 controllers are supported by this application so you can also enjoy multi player games. Also mapping of keys are completely configurable, as well as analog sticks, which are currently emulated as digital key presses.

If you have an Android device simply download this app from Android market and start playing the game to get the ultimate portable gaming experience.

Sixaxis Controller from Android Market

Sixaxis Compatibility Checker from Android Market

VIA androidandme

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