Prank anyone who tries to mess with your android phone

Do you have fear that your phone is been messed in your absence? If yes, then here is a solution to your problem. Android market has one excellent app named Jolt: Prank & Alarm app which can help you out.


Now your mobile will automatically deal with the person who tries to move your mobile device without your permission. With this application you will get alarmed if somebody messes with your device. Jolt app uses accelerometer to detect the movement of your phone. It is also giving various alarm options like scream, siren and many other. Now when a person start messing with it, the selected alarm goes loud instantly or after a small delay as per the settings.

In the words of the developer:

Jolt is a small and simple ad-supported application that can be used either for making practical jokes to your friends or getting you alarmed when somebody messes with your phone.


  • Varieties of option available for choosing a sound like scream, siren, funny and many more.
  • Select the delay between movement and sound.
  • Try to adjust the motion detector’s sensitivity.

This Application is very simple and full of fun. If you think your friends deserve it then go for it. It will give you pleasure and your friends will learn a lesson that not to mess with anybody’s phone especially yours ;)

You can download Jolt from Android Market

or you can use this QR code


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