Netflix now supports all Android 2.2 Froyo and 2.3 Gingerbread devices


Netflix addiction is now available for Froyo and gingerbread users. Yes, Netflix app for Android has come a long way. It now supports Android 2.2 Froyo and 2.3 Gingerbread. The latest version of this app is available now in the Android Market for all your Froyo and Gingerbread tablets and smart phones.

In May 2011, the Netflix app for Android was available only on the Samsung Nexus S and five HTC Smartphones running Android 2.2. The device which supports the service will be able to enjoy streaming movies though it covers only a tiny percentage of all Android users.

It’s good news for Android platform that Android 2.2 and 2.3 covers over 80% of all Android users and among them mostly all are able to get it officially.

Some of the users with non-supported devices were often turning to leaked .APK files to try and get the Netflix service running to their devices. From now the users can directly go over the Android Market to get the updated app without any hesitation.

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Squarespace Application Launched for Android Device Officially


After months of testing, fine tuning and development, the Squarespace App in officially approved and released in Android Market for Android owners. The app is for website hosting and design with enhanced and improved features as compare to other in the market.

Squarespace for Android comes with great functionality and allows you to manage your blog on-the-go. It is especially for those who lack knowledge about coding; with the help of WYSIWYG editor the setup becomes easier for them. The editor is user friendly and one who wants to fiddle with the CSS and HTML, WYSIWYG editor provides best tools to them.

Useful Features:

  • Using the Squarespace the user can directly post anything to his blog.
  • One can edit content in different modes like Text, Markdown, Textile and HTML.
  • Post Photos on the go.
  • All those sites that have Squarespace, they can be managed from one device.
  • Robust site statistics can be viewed in real time.

In short, it is a well appreciated and liked application that will reach up to its user’s expectations. You can have this app from Android market for your device absolutely free.

Download Squarespace for Android

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Firefox for Android tablets now available for download


If you have been waiting to get Firefox for your tablet, then now you will be having great time to download the new nightly build that has been released by the Mozilla team. The app is still under development but it will prove up to our expectations soon.

One of the most important questions asked by many users for Firefox is that “Does it have Flash?” Unfortunately it does not support Flash but soon it will be resolved and make you feel happier.

If you want to test for your device then simply download the app from the Android Market and feel the difference with great UI and features.

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Top Android RSS Readers

The best medium to stay in connect all over the world is with News. News is the important aspects to get information about the current affairs. Here are the Top 5 Android RSS Readers which help you getting closer with the latest news updates. Just have a look at the below mentioned Android Apps. Our List does not include Google reader app as its already a very well know app.



A Google Reader is an RSS reader that allows user to view all feeds from different websites or view any of them from the list. A simple but powerful User Interface, that allows you to sync with the Google Reader Account as well. The most important feature is it has the ability to search for articles with upcoming news without any interruptions.

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Best Android apps for living fit and fine

Best Android Apps for Living Fit and Fine

Android platform plays a vital role in Tech world. It carries great applications which help in reducing efforts. Android users will be getting privilege as it has many fitness apps and programs to remain fit and fine. Somebody has truly said that “Health is Wealth”. People are more conscious about their health and diet so here are the Top 5 Android apps for being healthy, wealthy and wise.

1. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Now-a-days there are many exercise trackers available in the Market but if you are looking for something fully featured, comprehensive and user friendly, then Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO is the best. Endomondo supports full GPS tracking when you are exercising also tell your average mile pace, total distance covered and time spend working out. It also saves history of all your workouts so you can compare times against past workouts to check whether you are improving positively or not.

Download Endomondo Sports Tracker

Foursquare for Android updated with new UI and features

Foursquare has attracted tons of people as it’s the latest craze in social networking. Dennis Crowley, Foursquare founder has announced the launch of Foursquare the updated version of the popular application. The new Foursquare app is now available in the Android Market with new features and UI.


Foursquare new update is now easy to use for the users. User can easily tell friends where you are, get their comments and share pictures. The UI is much easier and new features make this app look special. It includes the explore tab that gives more opportunity to users to explore what they are looking for like search for great local deals which includes daily deals from Groupon and LivingSocial.

In short, Foursquare is all in one app now available in the Android Market for download. New redesigns and flexible UI makes this app more interesting and easy to move on with.

Updated Google Reader For Android Now Supports Honeycomb


Hey, there is good news for Android owners as from the latest updates Google Reader of Android will now brings support to Honeycomb. Google Reader app from Android has a great user interface and useful to end users who goes online.

Google decided to release a native Android app for Google Reader that can support multiple accounts, helps you synchronizing your subscriptions and works flexibly. Google Reader has updated with some advanced features and improved layouts & techniques of marking items as read, which require a simple click on particular post.

Honeycomb is among one of the familiar layouts as it displays similar to desktop. It’s a new and polished update having small screen UI. The app is distinct compare to other RSS readers in the current market, as Honeycomb interface was in demand since a long time back.

All in all, very innovative app having real time user interface and saves tons of time while reading over numerous sites.

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Prank anyone who tries to mess with your android phone

Do you have fear that your phone is been messed in your absence? If yes, then here is a solution to your problem. Android market has one excellent app named Jolt: Prank & Alarm app which can help you out.


Now your mobile will automatically deal with the person who tries to move your mobile device without your permission. With this application you will get alarmed if somebody messes with your device. Jolt app uses accelerometer to detect the movement of your phone. It is also giving various alarm options like scream, siren and many other. Now when a person start messing with it, the selected alarm goes loud instantly or after a small delay as per the settings.

In the words of the developer:

Jolt is a small and simple ad-supported application that can be used either for making practical jokes to your friends or getting you alarmed when somebody messes with your phone.


  • Varieties of option available for choosing a sound like scream, siren, funny and many more.
  • Select the delay between movement and sound.
  • Try to adjust the motion detector’s sensitivity.

This Application is very simple and full of fun. If you think your friends deserve it then go for it. It will give you pleasure and your friends will learn a lesson that not to mess with anybody’s phone especially yours ;)

You can download Jolt from Android Market

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Android 2.2 and up now Supports Google Videos app

Android device is now supporting Google videos App. Form now users who have Android 2.2 or higher version will enjoy watching movies instantly without connecting to wires.


Google videos app now also allows users to rent movies including recent movies, which is for the first time in the Android market. It also support when users are not connected and allow specifying the default setting for downloading the movie.

The app allows fast access to personal videos that are taken from your Android device. Currently available for free, users can download it from Android market and feel the difference.

Download Google videos app from Android Market

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Photaf 3D Panorama – The best Android App for creating Panoramas

Android is always coming up with new features and updated applications. There is good news for Android users as they can customaries their photos and videos with Photaf.


Photaf – An application from Android for creating panoramas. It’s counted in one of the Top 10 Android Photography App. Photaf helps in creating amazing 3D panoramas by using camera and the sensor to recognize the exact angle from where picture were clicked.

Once you finish up with this you can rotate your phone around to watch the whole panoramic view with the help of touch screen. Online help is also available for creating best panoramas, visit

Photaf App is only for Android users, others are still not updated with this application.

Top Most Features:

  • View photos on your computer by simply uploading to
  • Zoom in and Zoom out Facility.
  • Support to HD Mode.
  • Images are rotated automatically.
  • Use Camera in portrait mode (Pro Version).

With all these features, let’s start taking panorama photos right away from Android phone.

Download Photaf from Android Market

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