Squarespace Application Launched for Android Device Officially


After months of testing, fine tuning and development, the Squarespace App in officially approved and released in Android Market for Android owners. The app is for website hosting and design with enhanced and improved features as compare to other in the market.

Squarespace for Android comes with great functionality and allows you to manage your blog on-the-go. It is especially for those who lack knowledge about coding; with the help of WYSIWYG editor the setup becomes easier for them. The editor is user friendly and one who wants to fiddle with the CSS and HTML, WYSIWYG editor provides best tools to them.

Useful Features:

  • Using the Squarespace the user can directly post anything to his blog.
  • One can edit content in different modes like Text, Markdown, Textile and HTML.
  • Post Photos on the go.
  • All those sites that have Squarespace, they can be managed from one device.
  • Robust site statistics can be viewed in real time.

In short, it is a well appreciated and liked application that will reach up to its user’s expectations. You can have this app from Android market for your device absolutely free.

Download Squarespace for Android

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