Firefox for Android tablets now available for download


If you have been waiting to get Firefox for your tablet, then now you will be having great time to download the new nightly build that has been released by the Mozilla team. The app is still under development but it will prove up to our expectations soon.

One of the most important questions asked by many users for Firefox is that “Does it have Flash?” Unfortunately it does not support Flash but soon it will be resolved and make you feel happier.

If you want to test for your device then simply download the app from the Android Market and feel the difference with great UI and features.

SOURCE: lucasr VIA: androidcentral

Now play games on your Android device With PS3 Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 controller

Are you getting bored by playing games with the onscreen controls? If you agree with this fact then here is a solution to your problem. Only Xperia Play owners were rewarded with the facility of avoiding onscreen controllers but now Android device holders can also enjoy the privilege.


Sixaxis controller app is launched in android market which allows you to connect your PS3 Sixaxis or DualShock3 controller to your android device and helps you playing games like they were meant to be played. The app Sixaxis Controller allows you synchronize your PS3 controllers to your Android device through Bluetooth. This app can only be used where devices are supported as it also requires a rooted phone to work.

To check whether your device is supported with the app there is an instant compatibility checker available in the market called Sixaxis Compatibility Checker. You can download it from Android market for free and a complete package will cost you for just $1.65.

At a glance 4 controllers are supported by this application so you can also enjoy multi player games. Also mapping of keys are completely configurable, as well as analog sticks, which are currently emulated as digital key presses.

If you have an Android device simply download this app from Android market and start playing the game to get the ultimate portable gaming experience.

Sixaxis Controller from Android Market

Sixaxis Compatibility Checker from Android Market

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Turn your Android phone to Vuvuzela

Sounds funny right? It also happened to me when I was going through Android market and found an app named “Air Horn”. By the description it sound bit interesting and finally I installed it to my phone. So now here is what I found in the app.

Air Horn – It is the perfect app for your android phone if you want to cheer at the game and get attention from the people in a unique way! Also if you go a step further you can use it to annoy people or just plug in your car’s speaker system to your phone and dominate the road.


Here is the review of the app from one of the users in the market

Hooked it up to my cars competition sound system and drove down sunset blvd in Hollywood with vol on max to the cucaracha horn – LOVE IT!

This app comes with various sound including the Vuvuzela sound. As you can see in the image it has lot other sounds which you can use it at different occasion and places. Just select any of the tune you want and after that keep pressing the image and that is it.

You can download this app from android market or just read this QR code from your mobile.


Android market now with books and movie rentals

A major market update has been announced by Google. With the update Google has done many changes in UI as well as included books and movie rentals for the US users. The latest market update is only available for Android 2.2 and higher versions. Google also plans to expand these features in rest of the countries in future. By new update, you can now buy books and rent movies from Android market. Movies can be rent through Videos app starting at $1.99.


New market has a all new UI and also some more categorization like Editor’s choice and Staff Picks. Updated Android market will be available in next few weeks and after you update it to your phone, you will be able to purchase books and rent movies. For more check out the video overview.


VIA androidcentral SOURCE Google Mobile Blog

Skype for Android now gets video call support update

skype_android_video_callFinally the wait is over and Skype has come with an update for its Android application. Now Skype for Android supports one to one video calls. This is now possible from both wifi and 3G. You can get this application from Android Market or just go to from your android mobile.

Here note that it is available for Android 2.3 or higher version devices. Also your device needs to have front facing camera. Once you install this application you will be able to do video call to any of your skype friend on iPhone, iPad or even windows PC.

VIA techcrunch SOURCE Skype Blog

User review graphical details in Android Market

Android market is improving day by day, though it has to do a lot to get in sync with iTunes, but it is improving strongly. Few days back it has added detailed breakdown of the reviews in a graphical manner.

user_review_android_marketIt has broken down the average rating to no. of users per rate, this will give more precise idea about the rating of an application. As shown in image, it shows details of 4.5 rating by breaking them into number of users rated it in each level.

user_review_android_market_1Lets wait for more features and improvement in android market and hope to find it batter everyday!