Firefox for Android tablets now available for download


If you have been waiting to get Firefox for your tablet, then now you will be having great time to download the new nightly build that has been released by the Mozilla team. The app is still under development but it will prove up to our expectations soon.

One of the most important questions asked by many users for Firefox is that “Does it have Flash?” Unfortunately it does not support Flash but soon it will be resolved and make you feel happier.

If you want to test for your device then simply download the app from the Android Market and feel the difference with great UI and features.

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Update available for Android 3.2 SDK

The Honeycomb 3.2 SDK component is now available for download along with the latest updated SDK tools. If you have SDK Tools installed you can update that with the compatibility package and a new release of the Android SDK.

Android 3.2 SDK

New Features with the Honeycomb 3.2 SDK and Tools:

  • Compatibility zooms for apps that are a fixed size.
  • Extended API for managing screen size.
  • Media sync from SD Card Support.

As with the updates in SDK all are expecting to see more apps for tablets and more types of tablet as well. Full details are available over the Android Developer site and one can download the updates from within the SDK.

Developers will move forward with the upgrade in Honeycomb development and we will be having great apps ever after.

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The New Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 – First Image

From the exclusively leaked information, Samsung is planning to release new tablet called Galaxy Tab 7.7 at IFA next week. Here is the first image of the new Galaxy Tab 7.7, a smaller sized Tablet that looks very much similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.


The device is redesigned by Samsung but though it has the same navigation keys that appear on the old version and also uses a 30-pin connector to charge just like the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

How it differ from the old version? The most important difference is that, the Samsung Galaxy 7.7 is having the charging port on the side/smaller panel while the 10.1 carries at the bottom. Along with this the screen size is also smaller than earlier version.

As per the latest updates it has been predicted that Samsung is making the 7inch Super AMOLED Plus, that will add new look and style to the new tablet.

The secret is soon going to be revealed next week with the release of the new Tablet in the market.



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Sony Android Tablet S1 and S2 – Sony Tablet S and Tablet P

Sony has come up with new updated tablets in the market. Do you remember that smart looking clamshell tablet which Sony was calling the S2? Now, it’s expected to be launched as the Sony Tablet P next month with few more modifications.


Sony’s first tablet codename S1 is featured with a 9.4 inch screen having conventional looks & style that will be named as Sony Tablet S. Looking on the other hand, Tablet P will carry dual 5.5 inch clamshell design which will help developers come up with innovative applications. Its light weight of 370 grams with 512 Mb RAM and 4 GB of storage capacity while Tablet S weighs in 600 grams with 1 GB of RAM.

Tablet P will be integrated with 2GB SD card and 4G/WiFi connectivity while on the other hand Tablet S will be available in two versions16GB or 32GB, but both are going to share the same Processor NVIDIA Tegra 2.

It’s expected that Sony will launched both the tablets in the next month around the world.

Updated Google Reader For Android Now Supports Honeycomb


Hey, there is good news for Android owners as from the latest updates Google Reader of Android will now brings support to Honeycomb. Google Reader app from Android has a great user interface and useful to end users who goes online.

Google decided to release a native Android app for Google Reader that can support multiple accounts, helps you synchronizing your subscriptions and works flexibly. Google Reader has updated with some advanced features and improved layouts & techniques of marking items as read, which require a simple click on particular post.

Honeycomb is among one of the familiar layouts as it displays similar to desktop. It’s a new and polished update having small screen UI. The app is distinct compare to other RSS readers in the current market, as Honeycomb interface was in demand since a long time back.

All in all, very innovative app having real time user interface and saves tons of time while reading over numerous sites.

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University of Southern Mississippi to get 1,000 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is one of the best android tablet device offered by Samsung. Apart from this, Samsung has updated it in a way that it is now being used in some international flights of American airlines as the key entertainment device.


One more feather to Samsung’s cap, a joint announcement with the University of Southern Mississippi has been done for the students who are participating in an honors college pilot program will be getting Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s. Further they emphasis that, this tablets are designed specially for the students considering their educational needs. This device will come preloaded with Blackboard Mobile Learn, which will give students access to their e-textbooks, grades, schedules, courses, syllabi, content, emergency notifications and much more.

“Tablets are like the Swiss Army Knife to academic excellence. By leveraging this new technology, we are committed to transforming the way students interact, engage and learn in the classrooms,” said Homer Coffman, Chief Information officer for The University of Southern Mississippi. “The iTech department at Southern Miss is continually challenging itself to support emerging technology and find new ways to put information into the students’ hands.”

Most of the colleges are introducing Apple’s iPad in their courses but Android tablet is going to be used for the first time with respect to education.

“Today’s announcement illustrates a growing demand from higher education institutions seeking to implement Samsung Mobile technology and content solutions in the classroom,” said Dale Sohn, President of Samsung Mobile. “The Galaxy Tab portfolio is an attractive option for schools looking for devices armed with strong feature sets and access to a comprehensive selection of applications built to enhance the learning process.”

One of the lightest and thinnest Android tablet that is available right now is Samsung Galaxy Tab10.1. Tim Wagner the Vice president of Samsung Enterprise sales further pointed that: “Samsung Mobile is focused on enhancing enterprise solutions for the Samsung Galaxy portfolio in order to make Samsung the first choice for a variety of enterprise verticals including education, healthcare and others”.

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Deal of the day Motorola Xoom 32GB with Wi-Fi on a popular deal site has put a deal of the day with Motorola XOOM 10.1” 32GB Android Tablet with Wi-Fi for just $399.99. Of course it is a good deal compare to its original price. Woot is a very popular site which puts one product everyday on sale and today its Motorola Xoom 10.1” 32GB with Wi-Fi.


This is really a nice deal. Only one thing to notice that it is in Refurbished condition. But that means that it has gone through all the quality checks and can be as good as the new one. It is not the point of worry as it comes with 1 year warranty from Motorola.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G available for pre order on Verizon


After getting WiFi version of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, its now a great news for the people who were waiting for its 4G version and did not went for the WiFi-only version of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Verizon has started showing a teaser page were it has shown all the details about the tablet. Verizon has also started allowing users to pre-order the device from the same page. It indicates that pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G will be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks. So users can start playing with it at the end of July or max. at the beginning of August.

There are 4 types of Tab 10.1 4g available right now to pre-order.

White Color

  • 16 GB – $529.99
  • 32 GB – $629.99

Gray Color

  • 16 GB – $529.99
  • 32 GB – $629.99

Of course you need to go with 2 years contract with Verizon. You can pre-order it from Verizon wireless.

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